Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spider Crane - Small Job

Yesterday American Industrial Werks did a little job for a company called Forgotten Times, which specializes in fixing old watches.  The project entailed removing a Deckel FP1 machine from the basement of a residential home (the seller) and installing it in the back room of the Forgotten Times store. With the machine weighing in at a mere 1400 lbs, one might think this to be a simple job. However, anyone who has done a job like this, knows that often times moving a machine "in" is far easier than taking it out... down is easy.

To deal with the tight conditions we decided to bring in a Spider Crane for the job. Particular care and attention was given to protect the yard and patio from damage as well as staying clear of the house gutters while lifting the machine from the basement stairway landing.

Once the machine was out of the basement, it was just a matter of a forklift, a few carts and some good old fashion muscle to set the Deckel and all the related parts into the Forgotten Times store.  The machine has a new life and purpose now.  Once used to make parts for custom model train engines, now it will make parts to restore that treasured antique watch handed down from one generation to another.

Many machinery moving and rigging companies deem jobs like this as "too small".  Here at American Industrial Werks, we realize that America is built on small jobs.  We like to help our customers grow today with their small job, so next year or the year after (whatever it takes), we can help them grow to be a bit bigger.