Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Directory of Machinery Moving Companies

We get calls outside of our services area for machinery moving services all the time. Jobs that are too small for it to be cost effective to travel. While we do our best to assist the companies looking for help, we do not always have a provider at our fingertips that we can recommend. To that end we've decided to compile a directory online by State. These are NOT companies recommended by American Industrial Werks, merely a list to assist businesses in doing their own research.

To kick the list off we have started with Illinois machinery movers, erectors and riggers. As we add more states to the list we will announce them here so watch our blog for more updates.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Manufacturing & Fabrication - meet our solutions

Moving right along, a new page has been added to our website "Manufacturing & Fabrication". This new page is designed to give examples of how American Industrial Werks can be a valuable resource to manufacturing and fabrication companies.

While our competitors focus only on machine moving services, we focus on providing industrial solutions. By providing more for our customers, we build stronger relationships and thus better knowledge of how to serve.

Outsourcing specific services makes sense when experts with the right tools can do the job for less. It also makes sense if it keeps you focused on production so you can meet the demands of your customers, sometimes even if hiring a firm costs more. By outsourcing to a company that can provide more than one service, now you can start to offset some of the costs by building efficiencies.

If you are in the manufacturing or fabrication business, come see how American Industrial Werks can provide service and solutions to keep you on the profit track.

Here are a few areas to get you started:

 - Machinery Moving & Rigging
     - rigging equipment
     - machines we've moved

 - Machinery & Equipment Storage
 - Construction Management
 - Architecture
 - Design Build
 - Custom Fabrication
 - Electrical Contracting

Call us for your next project.

American Industrial Werks, Inc.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Trucking Information Updates

We've updated our website with new information about our trucking services.

Check out our "Nationwide Trucking" page for information about:

- Flatbed trucking
- Single drop trucking
- Double drop trucking
- Dry van trucking

We hope this information is useful to you when making business decisions.

Give us a call for a price on moving your next load.

American Industrial Werks, Inc.