Friday, December 6, 2013

BreweryWerks Brew-Cruise: Redwood Brewing Co.

While in Flint, MI just before Thanksgiving we found an excellent steakhouse / Brewery called Redwood Steakhouse and Brewing Co. Literally walking distance from our hotel (perhaps in warmer weather) this place was truly an unintentional lucky find. The beautiful lodge setting with the glow of shiny copper brewery tanks was welcoming and warm on a cold night as we perused the menu for some great beer and food that would satisfy a long day of driving and appointments.

Satisfaction and then some was exactly what we found at Redwood. The steak, lobster and scallops were all cooked to perfection, and were absolutely mouthwatering good. We tasted several beers, which were delicious, and just sat back and enjoyed the comfortable lodge setting. The shiny copper tanks of the brewery are setup behind the bar... which looks cool... and banners hang over the bar representing all the awards they've won for brewing great beer. At Redwood you can enjoy flights of different craft beers made right onsite or enjoy a tall glass of your favorite.

Redwood Brewery makes India Pale Ales, annual hefeweizens, stouts, porters and more. But that's not all... if wine is more your thing, or you're just in a different mood, you won't be left out; you can try flights of wine or call for reservations at one of their wine tastings. The wine isn't made by Redwood, but they have many tasty options to try. Combined with their presentation, this all lead to a pleasant night out.

If you're passing through Flint Michigan and have the chance, be sure to stop by Redwood Steakhouse and Brewing Co. You can find them online at