Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Old Website Reposted

As you probably know we recently we posted a new website for American Industrial Werks, located at www.industrialwerks.com. While this new site has some great new features such as the ability top pdf a page and search functionality, some of our customers have let us know that they liked the old site. It is true at the moment that some of the old content is no longer available on the new website. While we are working to correct this, we have decided to post the old site on a new domain so this information can still be accessed. Our new "old website" can now be found at Machinery Movers and Erectors.

Machinery Moving List Updated

A while back we started a directory of machinery moving companies throughout the United States. Since then we've added few more states. See the list below and as always if you need Chicago machinery movers contact American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648.

California Machinery Movers
Connecticut Machinery Movers
Indiana Machinery Movers
Michigan Machinery Movers
Pennsylvania Machinery Movers
Wisconsin Machinery Movers

If you are a machinery moving company, freight forwarder or direct customer that need an Illinois machinery mover, erector, and/or rigger be sure to give us a call for a free estimate.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The-Small-Biz-Pro" Means New Business Opportunities

In this blog we aim to keep the content geared toward machinery moving and other industrial services we provide. However sometimes there is information that we feel is valuable to our customers even though it is not directly related to our services. So with that in mind here is some information that may be useful. We obviously are enduring some volatile economic times and to survive this everyone tightens their belts and gets a bit more creative with running their business. In my own searching for new opportunities I came across a blog that has some interesting posts. While directed more toward those that are out of work, this site has content of use to people looking to start their own business. To American Industrial Werks, new businesses mean unloading, moving and installing new and used equipment so this caught my attention. The website "The-Small-Biz-Pro" and associated blog covers a lot of territory in what one needs to consider when starting a business and I can see this expanding into more in-depth articles, comments and ideas that existing companies want to know.

If you have a chance check out the website www.the-small-biz-pro.com and the related blog http://thesmallbizpro.blogspot.com . If you have an opinion, make it known by commenting on the blog, you never know when sharing your knowledge will turn into a new customer.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our new website

After much work our new website is finally up and running. If you haven't seen it, be sure to check out www.industrialwerks.com. We've added some powerful tools to the site so our customers and prospective customers have better information at their finger tips.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Used Safe for Sale

We have several large safes for sale. If you are looking for an older model safe to protect your valuables, give us a call to set an appointment for viewing.

American Industrial Werks
P: 847-477-2648

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Machines for sale - Great Prices!

These machines are not going to be around long so if you are interested in any, call or email American Industrial Werks for an appointment ASAP...847-477-2648, info@industrialwerks.com

1. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
2. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
3. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
4. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
5. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 00
6. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 00G
7. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
8. Davenport 5 Spindle Model B
9. New Britain Gridley 5 Spindle
10. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G with Model 87 Lipe Rollway Bar Feed
11. Performax Drill Press 8" bench top
12. Rockfor Iron Works Model B 2 ton bench top press
13. Wilton 14" Tradesmand Bandsaw 1 hp / 14" x 14" compound table
14. Reid 2A Hand feed surface grinder
15. Tos 200 8" bench grinder
16. Clarkeweld Mig 95 Portable welder
17. Leon J Barrett Chip Spinner with hoist and cover
18. Ryobi 10 Compound Miter Saw
19. Enco 6" double end carbide grinder
20. Tos 1/2 hp 8" bench grinder
21. Horiz Mill - no name or tags
22. Chevlier FSG-618 Surface Grinder
23. Enco 12" disc, 6" belt combo sander
24. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 00G
25. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
26. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 2G
27. Grizzly Lathe 6" chuck, serial: 0550302, new 2005
28. Grizzly Knee Mill Power traverse, vs thru belt change
29. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 0G
30. Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Model 0G

Monday, August 3, 2009

Enhanced Demolition Services

American Industrial Werks is happy to welcome to its staff Mr. David Helms and crew formally of Pioneer Industrial Services, Inc. With 32 years of experience in demolition, Mr. Helms will be managing demolition sales and operations. Focused on servicing factories, schools, commercial and office buildings, general contractors, mechanical and electrical contractors Mr. Helms brings a new level of experience and expertise to the dismantling and removal of boilers, A/C units, tanks, interior & exterior steel structures, piping, and electrical equipment.