Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DeathWish Movers - Episode 2

Don't miss the next Deathwish movers on the Travel Channel scheduled for Wednesday, Mar 23, at 10 E/P.

In episode 2 the crew of Deathwish movers get another emergency call, this time to hoist a lightweight 160-pound item. To their surprise the job turns out to be a delicately injured Great Dane.

A job is a job, so if it's safely hoisting a Great Dane, so be it. However, this week while you're watching episode 2, the crews at American Industrial Werks are loading, unloading and installing tanks. Beer brewing and marshmallow tanks are the flavor of the week. We've yet to get a call to hoist a dog... perhaps that will happen next week.

Industrial Installation Services - Did you know?

American Industrial Werks specializes in machinery moving services. When you search Google for "machinery moving IL" or "machinery movers IL" you will find our listing and all the information you need to get your machines or equipment loaded, relocated, and unloaded. What you'll also find out is that American Industrial Werks is much more than your typical machinery moving company. More than 50% of our work is done for return customers. For one, because we provide great service at aggressively competitive prices, but also because of our industrial installation services. Whether the industry is food and beverage, manufacturing, green energy, printing etc. etc., our customers have need for some type of installation service. American Industrial Werks crews are proficient at installing bridge cranes, hoists, conveyors, robotic equipment, monorail systems, industrial curtains, lift systems, tanks, and even pre-engineered in-plant buildings.

So the next time you need a machinery mover, don't forget American Industrial Werks can also install your machines and material handling equipment, saving you time and money.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Industrial Curtain Installations

We have started a new service here at American Industrial Werks, Inc. that is NOT at all a new idea, but has strong benefits toward green thinking and saving energy. What we are doing is installing industrial curtains in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Is this green? Well we think it definitely is, but from the conservation side. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are wasting huge amounts of energy in the winter as bay doors are constantly opened and closed. Cold air rushes in and the heaters kick on. By sectioning off areas in these buildings with industrial curtains, significant energy is saved... not to mention cost savings for our customers on utility bills. We recently finished a project for a company that wanted these curtains for precisely this reason. That is, to cut costs and stabilize temperatures in production areas by sectioning off about half the warehouse, approximately 15,000 sq ft. Not so sure they were focused on the environmental aspect, but the end result is also saving energy and good for the planet.

We'd like to be putting up more wind turbines, solar panels and other new technology for our customers, but until the business environment and economy is right for those transactions, industrial curtains are every bit as important for business cost savings and green initiatives.

Here's a link describing more:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DeathWish Movers - TV Show

It was only a matter of time... a reality TV show about the day to day operations of a moving company. This is going to be fun! The Travel Channel has a new reality TV show that debuts Wednesday, March 16 at 10 PM. The show follows the lives of owner Greg Keane and his DeathWish Movers, who take the jobs that no other Boston moving company can.

The crews at American Industrial Werks know first hand that this line of work is not something for the light-hearted. Each job takes creativity, proper planning, and nerves of steel.

We'll be watching the DeathWish Movers TV show and YouTube videos and sharing our comments. This should be interesting.


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