Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brew-Cruise - DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works

Beer batter bacon?! Really?

A mere two hours from Chicago (2 ½ from the West burbs), is a gem of a brewery, DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works, located in Champaign, IL. Our visit started in the bar with a nice view of the brewery in a glassed in room.  DESTIHL has a sweet setup for tasting beer and plenty of great tasting beers to choose from. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, and if you happen to have Trent or Laura waiting on you behind the bar, you’ll enjoy hearing about the history of the brewery, where it’s headed and all you want to know about the different beers.

A nice change from many brewery tasting bars, DESTIHL gives you the choice of 4oz, 12oz, or 16oz glasses. This is great for anyone looking to try several beers (we tried 10), or for those coming back for their favorite flavor. Prices range from $1.25 to $2.00 for the 4oz. and you can order just one if you like, as opposed to having to buy a flight. Better yet, if you’re really unsure about a beer to try, you can get a 1oz taster.

All this made for an enjoyable evening, but that was only half the fun. After a two and a half hour drive to get to DESTIHL, we were hungry and in the mood for something different. Different is exactly what DESTIHL has to offer. Beer batter bacon… seriously?! This had to be tried. DESTIHL offers dishes that tantalize and challenge your pallet. Our waiter Matt described the menu as eclectic and he was very helpful in explaining our options along with what beer would best complement our choices. Every one of the staff was knowledgeable, the beer and food was great, and the facility offered an interesting and pleasant d├ęcor.

Whether you’re local to Champaign or looking for reason to get out of town DESTIHL is worth the trip.