Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Concrete Machinery Foundations

At American Industrial Werks we are widely known for our machinery moving, rigging and installation services. What is perhaps a little less known is our machinery foundation services. Some machines require a custom foundation with clearance pits, water and/or drainage. Other machines are so heavy they require a reinforced foundation with additional concrete, just to support the weight. When you're purchasing a new machine that requires such a foundation, it means dealing with multiple companies, coordinating the work and timing everything just right. Well that's not the case with American Industrial Werks. In addition to the machinery moving and rigging, for the installation, we can handle the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and even the machine foundation.

In above video, we build a concrete machinery foundation that needed pits, water drainage, and a lot of extra concrete to support a LARGE machine.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HUGE 2 Day Auction

This is a large surplus auction with many different categories of assets. This auction will be conducted in walk-through fashion at 5 different locations at Port San Antonio. It will be two full days starting on Oct 12th.

Featured Items:
- (2) Wiggins W156Y 15,000 lb. Forklifts – Diesel
- (3) Yale 4,000 lb Forklifts with Cab – Diesel
- Yale 6,000 lb Forklift – Diesel
- Yale 4,000 lb Forklift – LP
- Drexel 4,000 lb. forklift with Cab – Diesel
- Hyster 6,200 lb Forklift
- Presto Walk-Behind Forklift
- (2) Hyster Electric J40XL Forklift (Battery)
- Drill Presses
- Assorted Tooling, Bits, etc.
- Hydraulic Presses
- Pallet Racking, Palletized
- Snap-On Rolling toll Chests (54)
- Lista Tool HD/Parts Chests (50+)
- (6) Portable AC Units (Military)
- 75 KVA Generator, Gas Turbine Engine.
- Starrett Granite Surface Plate 30”x60”x10’
- Seaberg MCP 1000 Milling Center
- Torque Wrenches
- Quality Control Instruments, Mics, etc.
- Blasting Cabinets
- Scissor Platform Lifts, Manual
- Rolling Warehouse Step Ladders
- Invincible Shop Vacs
- Motor Hoist/Floor Crane , 1 ton
- Chev Cheyenne PU
- Chev Vans
- Chev S10 PU
- Dodge Ram Pickup
- Chev Stake Bed Truck
- Dodge Stake Bed Truck
- GMC Sonoma PU
- Lots of Research Lab Equipment
- Office Furniture & Equipment
- Restaurant Equipment

Don't miss out on this great auction, review United Country - Jones Swenson Auction Marketing for more details.

Call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 when your project needs machinery unloading in the Chicago Illinois or Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

ABSOLUTE AUCTION - Apartment Supply Warehouse

Here is an auction bountiful in items useful to business and personal. It's an apartment supply warehouse located in West Berlin, NJ and starts on Oct 6th.

Featured Items:
- Reliance 40 Gallon Hot Water Heaters
- Eastman Garbage Disposals
- Jeldwen Steel Insulated Pre Hung Doors
- Kwik Set Lock Sets & Door Hardware
- Bathroom Exhaust Fans
- Crane Toilet To-Go Kit
- Kiddie Fire Extinguishers
- Painting Supplies
- Plumbing Supplies
- Gerber Toilets
- Carona Tree Trimming Tools
- Croft Storm Doors
- Mini and Vertical Blinds
- and many more items...

Review A.J. Willner Auctions for more details.

Call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 when your project needs a rigging service in the Chicago Illinois or Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Latest Install Video - Ferry RS 430

Webcast Auction - Camtech Precision Manufacturing

Camtech Precision Manufacturing, Inc. in Euless, TX is auctioning off metal fabrication and assembly equipment on Oct 6th.

Featured Equipment:
- and much more...

Review Great American Group website for more details.

Call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 for machinery moving services in the Chicago Illinois or Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video of the Ferry RS 430 Install

Here is the link to the video on YouTube, showing our installation of the Ferry RS 430 mold machine. We hope you enjoy it and share the link with others.

More Ferry machinery installations to come at American Industrial Werks.

Online Auction - Yarn Manufacturing Equipment

Sylvania Yarn Systems in Sylvania, GA is auctioning off equipment starting on Oct 12th.

Some featured equipment are:
- Carolina Mdl. CP-100 Hydraulic Press
- Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill
- American Pacemaker 19" x 48" Engine Lathe
- Hendy 16" x 48" Engine Lathe
- Bridge Cranes
- and more...

Review Rosen Systems website for more information.

Call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 for offloading and installation in the Chicago Illinois or Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Completion of the Ferry RS 430 Installation

American Industrial Werks is rapping up it's current Ferry RS 430 installation. Given the size of the machine and space available, this installation required some customization and fabrication. It was a fantastic job that went very well. Working with the technician from Ferry Industries was superb, he was knowledgeable, patient, and easy to work with. As for the Ferry RS 430... from our position, it's a fine piece of engineering and craftsmanship.

The Ferry RS 430 is ideal for molding large-scale parts. For more information about the rotational molding process and machines visit Ferry Industries.

We'll be back with more pictures of this installation. Look for a video of the Ferry 430 installation on YouTube soon.

Last Day of Auction - Portage Mold in OH

Today Wednesday the 28th is the last day of auction at Portage Mold, Inc. in Ohio.

Link to auction site: Thompson Auctioneers

Equipment for sale:
- and more.

If you are purchasing equipment for delivery in the Chicago or Milwaukee areas, give American Industrial Werks a call (847-477-2085) for an estimate on unloading and installation of your machines.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't Let Your Racking Get Whacked

Everyone knows that with forklifts zooming around the warehouse, it's only a matter of time before the pallet racking gets **WHACKED**. Even with the strictest safety rules, these accidents happen. However, forklift strikes don't have to cost you a bundle in racking repairs. A typical new upright replacement, can cost upwards of $1,000 to $1,500. This includes replacement parts, freight, removal and installation labor, and downtime. And if someone gets hurt...that's just a horrific thought.

You can take steps to reduce costly accidents and valuable employees getting hurt, by installing pallet racking guards. The ROI of installing pallet racking guards in a busy warehouse is a no-brainer and there are plenty of options to fit your specific needs.

Call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648. We'll help you find the right guards for your situation and we'll install them for you.

For other installation services view our Industrial Installation Services page on our website.

Fix That Damaged Pallet Racking

Damaged pallet racking is dangerous pallet racking, and puts your company at risk. If your racking has incurred a forklift strike, it's structural integrity may be compromised. If this has happened to you, stop reading and call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 now. We provide pallet racking replacement service to solve the problem.

Improper installation can also pose a serious safety risk. The structural integrity of pallet racking depends on it being square and plumb. If a quick look down the front edge of your racking looks like a motorcycle test course, take action now. Your maintenance crew may have been well intentioned and tried to save the company money by installing it in-house, but this could be a very costly shortcut. Pallet racking needs to be squared and checked with a level, laser alignment or snap-line. Once the racking is squared, get it anchored.

For other installation services view our Industrial Installation Services page on our website.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need an Artist?

American Industrial Werks just had some artwork done by PCG CREATIVE LLC. The work was done fast and it looks great! When you need an artist that really knows what they are doing when it comes to print, we give PCG full marks. What else can we say? We're just very happy with the service and it's important to get the word out when you find someone that does quality work.

If you need artwork done for your business, contact PCG at:


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food & Beverage - Machinery and Equipment Installation

American Industrial Werks installs heavy machinery and equipment for the Food & Beverage industry. But that covers more than just food processing plants and restaurants. You may be surprised to find out that we handle installations from 40' tunnel ovens to brewery tanks to Biogas plants all for the food and beverage industry. We've detailed this information in a new page on our website, Food & Beverage - Machinery and Equipment Installation.

If you're in the Food & Beverage industry and need equipment installed... calling American Industrial Werks for service, is food for thought.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Components For Biogas Plants

Landia, Inc. out of Cary, North Carolina has some good information about putting together a biogas plant and the components needed. You can review this information at

They also have equipment you can preview along with it's purpose: Chopper pumps, mixers, aerators, and process units.

If your business/industry is any of the following, you may find this information to be interesting:

- Waste water treatment plants
- Fish processing industry
- Poultry processing industry
- Fruit and vegetable processing industry
- Restaurants, industrial kitchens and the catering industry

To see how American Industrial Werks serves the Food and Beverage industry view our information at:

For more information on American Industrial Werks biogas services view:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DeathWish Movers - Where's the TV Show?

With two shows having hit the digital airwaves, it appears the DeathWish Movers TV show may have gotten the DeathWish. It's too bad, this could have been a fun show. Perhaps some adjustments to the show are being made and we'll see the Deathwish Movers crew again. On the other hand maybe someone will do a TV show on moving the space shuttle Endeavour to the California Science Center or moving the space shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. Then again the space shuttle simulator is coming to the Chicago Adler Planetarium. What a show that would make.

American Industrial Werks certainly won't be doing any space shuttle moves (sure would be fun), but you can see what our crews are moving at

Biogas Can Power Airports

Can an airport reduce it's energy costs with a biogas plant? Well the folks at Munich Airport seem to think so (press release deleted after this blog was posted). Back in 2007 Munich Airport decided to add biomass to its range of alternative energy sources. While already using canola oil and bioethanol as fuels for its ramp vehicles the airport decided to use biogas as a fuel and for power generation in the airport’s block heating plant. This system takes advantage of biomass being produced in the region surrounding the airport.

Considering all the organic waste produced by the airlines and airports, perhaps this is something that will catch on in the United States. American Industrial Werks serves the aerospace industry with machinery and equipment moving services as well and conveyor installations. When biogas technology comes to town and airports in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas get on board, American Industrial Werks will be ready to help with the installation of the biogas plants. See what American Industrial Werks is doing for aerospace today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DeathWish Movers - Episode 2

Don't miss the next Deathwish movers on the Travel Channel scheduled for Wednesday, Mar 23, at 10 E/P.

In episode 2 the crew of Deathwish movers get another emergency call, this time to hoist a lightweight 160-pound item. To their surprise the job turns out to be a delicately injured Great Dane.

A job is a job, so if it's safely hoisting a Great Dane, so be it. However, this week while you're watching episode 2, the crews at American Industrial Werks are loading, unloading and installing tanks. Beer brewing and marshmallow tanks are the flavor of the week. We've yet to get a call to hoist a dog... perhaps that will happen next week.

Industrial Installation Services - Did you know?

American Industrial Werks specializes in machinery moving services. When you search Google for "machinery moving IL" or "machinery movers IL" you will find our listing and all the information you need to get your machines or equipment loaded, relocated, and unloaded. What you'll also find out is that American Industrial Werks is much more than your typical machinery moving company. More than 50% of our work is done for return customers. For one, because we provide great service at aggressively competitive prices, but also because of our industrial installation services. Whether the industry is food and beverage, manufacturing, green energy, printing etc. etc., our customers have need for some type of installation service. American Industrial Werks crews are proficient at installing bridge cranes, hoists, conveyors, robotic equipment, monorail systems, industrial curtains, lift systems, tanks, and even pre-engineered in-plant buildings.

So the next time you need a machinery mover, don't forget American Industrial Werks can also install your machines and material handling equipment, saving you time and money.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Industrial Curtain Installations

We have started a new service here at American Industrial Werks, Inc. that is NOT at all a new idea, but has strong benefits toward green thinking and saving energy. What we are doing is installing industrial curtains in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Is this green? Well we think it definitely is, but from the conservation side. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are wasting huge amounts of energy in the winter as bay doors are constantly opened and closed. Cold air rushes in and the heaters kick on. By sectioning off areas in these buildings with industrial curtains, significant energy is saved... not to mention cost savings for our customers on utility bills. We recently finished a project for a company that wanted these curtains for precisely this reason. That is, to cut costs and stabilize temperatures in production areas by sectioning off about half the warehouse, approximately 15,000 sq ft. Not so sure they were focused on the environmental aspect, but the end result is also saving energy and good for the planet.

We'd like to be putting up more wind turbines, solar panels and other new technology for our customers, but until the business environment and economy is right for those transactions, industrial curtains are every bit as important for business cost savings and green initiatives.

Here's a link describing more:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DeathWish Movers - TV Show

It was only a matter of time... a reality TV show about the day to day operations of a moving company. This is going to be fun! The Travel Channel has a new reality TV show that debuts Wednesday, March 16 at 10 PM. The show follows the lives of owner Greg Keane and his DeathWish Movers, who take the jobs that no other Boston moving company can.

The crews at American Industrial Werks know first hand that this line of work is not something for the light-hearted. Each job takes creativity, proper planning, and nerves of steel.

We'll be watching the DeathWish Movers TV show and YouTube videos and sharing our comments. This should be interesting.


Click to read more about the TV show DeathWish Movers


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bridge Crane and Hoist Relocation

We're relocating a couple bridge cranes and hoists today. Check out the featured project to see more. We will add pictures as the project progresses.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plastic Injection Molding - LinkedIn

American Industrial Werks is a member of the Plastic Injection Molding group on LinkedIn. The purpose of this group is to get people together who have an interest in the injection molding industry and who need to find creative effective options for their problems. We encourage you to join in on the discussion if you are buying or moving an injection mold machine, looking for tooling, in need of molds or even hiring people with injection mold experience.

Get connected at:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Step Deck Trucking With A Trail-Eze Trailer

At American Industrial Werks, we can load and transport your machines and equipment. Seen below, one of our crews loads an extruder onto our Trail-eze step deck trailer. This trailer is lower than a flatbed trailer so it allows us to carry taller equipment without having to lay it over. Also the trailers' tail is hydraulic, which goes down to the ground, giving us the ability to drive our forklifts on and off from the ground in ground level only loading situations. On this job we loaded in Carpentersville, IL and transported to Elkhart, IN.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

To all our wonderful customers and vendors Happy New Year!

Here's the US economic outlook for 2011 from International Business Times -

We wish all of you a prosperous 2011. May the economy get off to a roaring start in 2011.