Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food & Beverage - Machinery and Equipment Installation

American Industrial Werks installs heavy machinery and equipment for the Food & Beverage industry. But that covers more than just food processing plants and restaurants. You may be surprised to find out that we handle installations from 40' tunnel ovens to brewery tanks to Biogas plants all for the food and beverage industry. We've detailed this information in a new page on our website, Food & Beverage - Machinery and Equipment Installation.

If you're in the Food & Beverage industry and need equipment installed... calling American Industrial Werks for service, is food for thought.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Components For Biogas Plants

Landia, Inc. out of Cary, North Carolina has some good information about putting together a biogas plant and the components needed. You can review this information at

They also have equipment you can preview along with it's purpose: Chopper pumps, mixers, aerators, and process units.

If your business/industry is any of the following, you may find this information to be interesting:

- Waste water treatment plants
- Fish processing industry
- Poultry processing industry
- Fruit and vegetable processing industry
- Restaurants, industrial kitchens and the catering industry

To see how American Industrial Werks serves the Food and Beverage industry view our information at: http://www.industrialwerks.com/food-beverage.html

For more information on American Industrial Werks biogas services view: http://www.industrialwerks.com/Biogas-Biofuel-Equipment-Installation.html

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DeathWish Movers - Where's the TV Show?

With two shows having hit the digital airwaves, it appears the DeathWish Movers TV show may have gotten the DeathWish. It's too bad, this could have been a fun show. Perhaps some adjustments to the show are being made and we'll see the Deathwish Movers crew again. On the other hand maybe someone will do a TV show on moving the space shuttle Endeavour to the California Science Center or moving the space shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. Then again the space shuttle simulator is coming to the Chicago Adler Planetarium. What a show that would make.

American Industrial Werks certainly won't be doing any space shuttle moves (sure would be fun), but you can see what our crews are moving at www.industrialwerks.com.

Biogas Can Power Airports

Can an airport reduce it's energy costs with a biogas plant? Well the folks at Munich Airport seem to think so (press release deleted after this blog was posted). Back in 2007 Munich Airport decided to add biomass to its range of alternative energy sources. While already using canola oil and bioethanol as fuels for its ramp vehicles the airport decided to use biogas as a fuel and for power generation in the airport’s block heating plant. This system takes advantage of biomass being produced in the region surrounding the airport.

Considering all the organic waste produced by the airlines and airports, perhaps this is something that will catch on in the United States. American Industrial Werks serves the aerospace industry with machinery and equipment moving services as well and conveyor installations. When biogas technology comes to town and airports in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas get on board, American Industrial Werks will be ready to help with the installation of the biogas plants. See what American Industrial Werks is doing for aerospace today.