Sunday, September 2, 2018

Industrial Safety Guard Rails

If you're looking to protect your personnel, inventory and equipment from damage or injury then installing highly visible yellow powder coat finish barrier rails at your facility may be the answer you're looking for. However, there are lots of options to the point of confusion if you're just getting started. Below is an outline of standard products that may help you make a decision along with some specialty products that you may not be aware of and find useful. When you're ready to get your new safety guard rail system installed, give American Industrial Werks a call.

A couple of your big players in safety guard rails are Global Industrial and Uline, however a couple of other options are McMaster Carr and Grainger although typically you'll pay for quick pick-up convenience.

Vestil Steel Guard Rail System - Global
Build Your Own Modular Guard Rail System With These Steel Barrier Rails And Posts For Temporary Access To Security Areas For Maintenance or Repair Purpose.

Modular Square Steel Guard Rails - Global

Steel Guard Rail Systems Provide An Economic Way To Protect People And Machinery. The Modular Design Allows For Maximum Versatility.

Safety Bollards - Uline

Protect equipment from damage caused by delivery trucks, forklifts, and pallet trucks.

Corner Machine Guard - Uline

Prevent damage to valuable machinery from forklifts and pallet truck mishaps.

Safety Gates - AisleCop

Automated forklift safety systems and warehouse safety gates help manage forklift and pedestrian traffic.

Custom Safety Fence and Machine Guards

Standard safety guards fit the bill most of the time, but sometimes you need a custom solution to protect machinery, while giving employees maximum accessibility. American Industrial Werks has built many custom guard rails, barriers, and angle iron bumper guards. From fabrication to installation call American Industrial Werks.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Conveyor Types and Uses

Because American Industrial Werks serves such a wide variety of customers we run into many kinds of conveyor installations and while in principal they are all similar, every application is unique.

In general the conveyor systems we install at American Industrial Werks are common mechanical handling devices or assemblies that move all types of material from one location to another with minimal effort in order to reduce manual relocation of material. Conveyors are especially useful in relocating heavy messy materials such as gravel, but equally useful in transporting large volumes of candy or tiny plastic pieces.

Conveyors typically consist of metal frames that have steel mounted rollers, balls, wheels, or belts. Some of these such as belt conveyors are motor powered others are manual however they often are used in conjunction with each other. Belt conveyors are often flat and run horizontal, but are also configured with buckets or scoops running vertical to lift material. Similar applications use screw conveyors or smooth surface chute conveyors that require a smooth surface and work using gravity. From mining to food processing the use vibrating motion conveyors are used to move material while separating it at the same time.

Types and Uses

Slat or Apron Conveyors

Slat Conveyors use slats or aprons are typically powered and mounted to drive or roller chains to carrying the product. The difference between slats and aprons are the aprons overlap each other to provide a gapless moving surface. Slat and/or aprons are usually made of plastic, galvanized steel or stainless steel and sometimes wood. These conveyors are good for applications such as high temperature tunnel ovens for food production, manufacturing heat treating lines or for moving heavy packages found in distribution centers… but they have many other uses and are built in many sizes to handle increasingly heavy load capacities.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are simple piece of equipment for moving products from one point to another. Using a flat moving belt, they are some of the most universally used and recognized pieces of material handling equipment in any industrial or distribution setting. Using a flat moving belt, these conveyors can be used to move a large variety of products of size, shape and weight very effectively over long distances. Belt Conveyors can also be used to move product from higher or lower elevations or floor to floor.

Some applications for belt conveyors include conveying aggregate, coal, ores and minerals, mechanise material/product filled cardboard boxes, food grains, cast products, building materials and much more.

Some markets that use belt conveyors are Distribution Centers & Warehouses, Order Fulfillment, Parcel Handling, Maufacturing, Aerospace, Government and Military, Automotive, and Food & Beverage.

Some types of belt conveyors include low profile slider bed, medium duty slider bed, channel frame slider bed, Wide Series channel frame slider bed, medium duty roller bed, heavy duty slider and roller bed, cleated medium and heavy duty slider bed, floor to floor incline/decline roller and slider bed, curved medium and heavy duty slider bed belt, flat wire mesh roller and slider bed.

More to come...

Beltless Magnetic Conveyors
Bucket Conveyors
Chute Conveyors
Drag/Chain/Tow Conveyors
Overhead Conveyors
Pneumatic/Vacuum Conveyors
Powered Roller Conveyors
Roller Conveyors
Screw Conveyors
Vertical Conveyors
Vibrating Conveyors
Walking Beam Conveyors
Wheel Conveyors
Ball Conveyors

Thursday, May 31, 2018

2018 Hatchery Park Benefit - Spring Grove IL

The annual Hatchery Park Benefit in Spring Grove, IL is scheduled for June 8. Set at Horse Fair Park, this years’ Friday Night Fish Boil fundraiser is an all-you-can-eat Boiled Cod, BBQ Chicken & Ribs (ribs $3 extra) red potatoes & onions, bread, coleslaw & dessert prepared by Fitzgerald's of Genoa City! Kid's meals consisting of hot dogs, chips and dessert are also available. Adding to the fun are silent auctions and live music.

Staff members from American Industrial Werks on US 12 in Spring Grove are joining in to support the community and village with the upkeep and beautification of Hatchery Park by volunteering at the event.

For more information on Spring Grove events visit the village website at

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Looking Back Feature - Lagunitas Chicago

Take a look back a few years at a great brewery install in Chicago. You've probably heard of the place... and if you haven't, you need to add it to your to-do list of breweries to visit. We're talking about Lagunitas in Chicago. American Industrial Werks started on this job back in 2013. We performed all the major lifting and then some to get this brewery was an experience to remember. Over 130 tanks and related pieces of equipment went into this 300,000 square foot facility during our time onsite and even more since then. Built in the same building as the show Chicago Fire was being filmed made it even more interesting. Inside, this facility was gutted and built from the ground up into the spectacular brewery you can visit today.

Check out our feature of the Lagunitas Chicago project (to include video) and see how a major portion of this operation came together.

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