Friday, December 6, 2013

BreweryWerks Brew-Cruise: Redwood Brewing Co.

While in Flint, MI just before Thanksgiving we found an excellent steakhouse / Brewery called Redwood Steakhouse and Brewing Co. Literally walking distance from our hotel (perhaps in warmer weather) this place was truly an unintentional lucky find. The beautiful lodge setting with the glow of shiny copper brewery tanks was welcoming and warm on a cold night as we perused the menu for some great beer and food that would satisfy a long day of driving and appointments.

Satisfaction and then some was exactly what we found at Redwood. The steak, lobster and scallops were all cooked to perfection, and were absolutely mouthwatering good. We tasted several beers, which were delicious, and just sat back and enjoyed the comfortable lodge setting. The shiny copper tanks of the brewery are setup behind the bar... which looks cool... and banners hang over the bar representing all the awards they've won for brewing great beer. At Redwood you can enjoy flights of different craft beers made right onsite or enjoy a tall glass of your favorite.

Redwood Brewery makes India Pale Ales, annual hefeweizens, stouts, porters and more. But that's not all... if wine is more your thing, or you're just in a different mood, you won't be left out; you can try flights of wine or call for reservations at one of their wine tastings. The wine isn't made by Redwood, but they have many tasty options to try. Combined with their presentation, this all lead to a pleasant night out.

If you're passing through Flint Michigan and have the chance, be sure to stop by Redwood Steakhouse and Brewing Co. You can find them online at

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brew-Cruise - DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works

Beer batter bacon?! Really?

A mere two hours from Chicago (2 ½ from the West burbs), is a gem of a brewery, DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works, located in Champaign, IL. Our visit started in the bar with a nice view of the brewery in a glassed in room.  DESTIHL has a sweet setup for tasting beer and plenty of great tasting beers to choose from. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, and if you happen to have Trent or Laura waiting on you behind the bar, you’ll enjoy hearing about the history of the brewery, where it’s headed and all you want to know about the different beers.

A nice change from many brewery tasting bars, DESTIHL gives you the choice of 4oz, 12oz, or 16oz glasses. This is great for anyone looking to try several beers (we tried 10), or for those coming back for their favorite flavor. Prices range from $1.25 to $2.00 for the 4oz. and you can order just one if you like, as opposed to having to buy a flight. Better yet, if you’re really unsure about a beer to try, you can get a 1oz taster.

All this made for an enjoyable evening, but that was only half the fun. After a two and a half hour drive to get to DESTIHL, we were hungry and in the mood for something different. Different is exactly what DESTIHL has to offer. Beer batter bacon… seriously?! This had to be tried. DESTIHL offers dishes that tantalize and challenge your pallet. Our waiter Matt described the menu as eclectic and he was very helpful in explaining our options along with what beer would best complement our choices. Every one of the staff was knowledgeable, the beer and food was great, and the facility offered an interesting and pleasant d├ęcor.

Whether you’re local to Champaign or looking for reason to get out of town DESTIHL is worth the trip.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Used Racking, Beams, and Wire Deck For Sale

We've got used pallet racking, beams, and wire decking for sale.  Call for sizes or stop by our warehouse in Spring Grove, IL to see for yourself.

Come pick it up with your truck or request a quote for delivery.

Call American Industrial Werks for pricing...847-477-2648.

For Sale - Steel V-groove Caster Wheels

We got some Steel V-groove Caster Wheels for sale. They are a couple different sizes. These are designed to guide equipment by rolling on inverted angle iron track.

Call American Industrial Werks... 847-477-2648... make an offer.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

HVAC and Mechanical Services

American Industrial Werks has opened a new division for HVAC and Mechanical Services. Uniquely positioned, members of this new division will work directly with our rigging and machinery moving crews on plant relocations, as well as machinery installations.

Additionally this team will also work on it's own offering several new services and expanding our commercial and industrial HVAC and Mechanical capabilities.

Services we are now providing:

•   Full Heating and Air Installations
•   Air Conditioner & Furnace Repair
•   Spring/Fall Tune-ups & Ongoing Maintenance
•   Temperature Management Solutions
•   Energy Evaluations
•   Rooftop Units
•   Refrigeration
•   Gas Hook-ups & Process Piping
•   Ductwork Repair
•   Machinery Ductwork
•   Sheet Metal / Guards
•   Hydraulic & Pneumatic Piping

The HVAC and Mechanical team compliments American Industrial Werks core services very nicely, but it also affords our customers improved quality control and better pricing.

With more than 15 years of field and management experience our new HVAC and Mechanical team will provide our clients with superior service and competitive prices.

A phone call away...

Call American Industrial Werks today, to discuss your next HVAC or Mechanical piping project.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Naperville Inaugural Craft Beer Festival - JULY 20

Set your calendars for July 20th this summer and join American Industrial Werks in supporting the local community and local breweries. Naperville will host it's inaugural craft beer festival with more than 180 different beers from craft breweries all around the country. Come and taste selections from local breweries as well, at this one-day event with food and live music.

American Industrial Werks is proud to have been part of the installation process for several of the breweries attending this event.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brewing System Manufacturers and/or Suppliers

Starting a brewery can be a daunting yet thrilling experience.  With new breweries popping up left and right it’s an exciting time to be in the beer making business.  While this trend has been building for several years, if you've got the ambition, now seems to be a great time to bring your own rich tasting brew to the public for sale. But if you’re one of many dreaming about taking that next step from the Home Brew, there’s much to do in the way of planning.

Before you make any beer for sale, you will have to come up with answers to determine financial risk, how to raise the funds, where you will house the new brewery, what equipment to purchase, how you will get your equipment installed, federal and city registration and permits, your sales and marketing plan… and many other important things like… a killer recipe.

As movers and installers of machinery and equipment, here at American Industrial Werks, aside from taste testing, (we’re not much help in the way of that killer recipe) we can help you get the equipment off the trucks and installed.

We've loaded, offloaded, set, leveled, and anchored all kinds of tanks in our time, small 8’ tanks to 40’ silos. There are lots of options to choose from, so if you’re struggling with what brewing tanks to get and where to get them, here are a few suggestions that may get you on your way.

Pacific Brewery System Tech - Diamond Bar, CA

Premier Stainless Systems - Escondido, CA

United Industries Group, Inc. - Lake Forest, CA

Neal H. Knapp, LLC - Cape Coral, FL

Ziemann USA, Inc. - Miami, FL

Allied Beverage Tanks, Inc. - Chicago, IL

G & F Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Oak Lawn, IL

pico-Brewing Systems Inc. - Ypsilanti, MI

DCI, Inc. - St. Cloud, MN

Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company - Minnetonka, MN

Custom Metalcraft, Inc. - Springfield, MO

Paul Mueller Company - Springfield, MO

Specialty Products International - Chapel Hill, NC

American Beer Equipment - Lincoln, NE

Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. - Mountainside, NJ

Silver State Stainless - Mound House, NV

Micropub Systems, LLC - Rochester, NY

Brew Magic - Toledo, OH

AAA Metal Fabrication - Beaverton, OR

Ager Tank & Equipment - Portland, OR

JVNW, Inc. - Canby, OR

Practical Fusion - Oregon City, OR

Spokane Industries - Spokane Valley, WA

Walker Engineered Products - New Lisbon, WI

W.M. Sprinkman Corporation - Franksville, WI

Quality Tank Solutions - Pewaukee, WI

Planning Your Facility Move

Starting off the New Year, 2013, we've seen quite a few facility moves. Whether that is any indication of a trend for this year is unclear.  Although, at least so far, more companies we've seen, seem to be planning and making strategic decisions to combat the economic climate as opposed to the “all hell’s broke loose” decisions they've been forced to make of the last several years.  Our team gets a lot of satisfaction by being part of our customer’s team.  As there’s much more to a plant relocation than pick up the machines and move, we help our clients plan everything from electrical to process piping to HVAC and concrete foundations.

One small facility move that we performed last week consisted of moving three Mazak CNC milling machines in excesses of 15,000 lbs (handled quite nicely with a Versa-Lift 25/35) and several smaller mills, lathes, grinders and related equipment. Moving the larger machines out of the old facility meant dealing with very tight conditions. With only fractions of an inch on either side of the machines, we carefully moved these out the single overhead door.  The new facility was a dream for unloading the equipment.  This client planned for growth and invested more than a year of time to get the move right.  Not everyone has the luxury of a year to plan. Either way American Industrial Werks is at your service.