Thursday, March 10, 2011

Industrial Curtain Installations

We have started a new service here at American Industrial Werks, Inc. that is NOT at all a new idea, but has strong benefits toward green thinking and saving energy. What we are doing is installing industrial curtains in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Is this green? Well we think it definitely is, but from the conservation side. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are wasting huge amounts of energy in the winter as bay doors are constantly opened and closed. Cold air rushes in and the heaters kick on. By sectioning off areas in these buildings with industrial curtains, significant energy is saved... not to mention cost savings for our customers on utility bills. We recently finished a project for a company that wanted these curtains for precisely this reason. That is, to cut costs and stabilize temperatures in production areas by sectioning off about half the warehouse, approximately 15,000 sq ft. Not so sure they were focused on the environmental aspect, but the end result is also saving energy and good for the planet.

We'd like to be putting up more wind turbines, solar panels and other new technology for our customers, but until the business environment and economy is right for those transactions, industrial curtains are every bit as important for business cost savings and green initiatives.

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