Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Biogas Can Power Airports

Can an airport reduce it's energy costs with a biogas plant? Well the folks at Munich Airport seem to think so (press release deleted after this blog was posted). Back in 2007 Munich Airport decided to add biomass to its range of alternative energy sources. While already using canola oil and bioethanol as fuels for its ramp vehicles the airport decided to use biogas as a fuel and for power generation in the airport’s block heating plant. This system takes advantage of biomass being produced in the region surrounding the airport.

Considering all the organic waste produced by the airlines and airports, perhaps this is something that will catch on in the United States. American Industrial Werks serves the aerospace industry with machinery and equipment moving services as well and conveyor installations. When biogas technology comes to town and airports in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas get on board, American Industrial Werks will be ready to help with the installation of the biogas plants. See what American Industrial Werks is doing for aerospace today.