Friday, August 19, 2011

Fix That Damaged Pallet Racking

Damaged pallet racking is dangerous pallet racking, and puts your company at risk. If your racking has incurred a forklift strike, it's structural integrity may be compromised. If this has happened to you, stop reading and call American Industrial Werks at 847-477-2648 now. We provide pallet racking replacement service to solve the problem.

Improper installation can also pose a serious safety risk. The structural integrity of pallet racking depends on it being square and plumb. If a quick look down the front edge of your racking looks like a motorcycle test course, take action now. Your maintenance crew may have been well intentioned and tried to save the company money by installing it in-house, but this could be a very costly shortcut. Pallet racking needs to be squared and checked with a level, laser alignment or snap-line. Once the racking is squared, get it anchored.

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