Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wind Turbine Installations

Take a drive South or West of Chicago, IL and it won’t be long before you see vast acres of land filled with wind turbines either running or being installed. In fact, according to the Chicago Sun-Times and the American Wind Energy Association, in 2011, Illinois topped the nation in the number of new wind turbines installations and ranked second only to California in the total amount of the turbines’ power capacity.

With about 50 wind energy companies in the Chicago area and approximately twenty eight companies in Illinois manufacturing components for the wind industry, this green energy business is booming. American Industrial Werks, Inc. is also taking part in this growth sector by specializing in the rigging aspect of generator installations in the field. In addition, it provides machinery moving and installation services to wind energy component manufacturers along with industrial curtain installations to control facility temperatures and dust from the manufacturing process.